Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Don't Know Me So Don't Look At My Hair

You Don’t Know Me So Don’t Look At My Hair

Yeah it’s a lil long but you aint doing shit but looking at Facebook events and shit so read it.

I got my hair breaded today and it got me thinking, what if Obama had an Afro, or locks or cornrows? How would of the election turned out? What he even been able to be a public official? Would people vote for him? The more important question is why would it matter what his hair looks like?

It has always seemed like if you had a hairstyle like that it would put limits on what you could do professionally. I wonder how many CEOs have long hair? Especially an aspiring young black businessman. Or for that any position of high status. I guess it unlikely that anyone that serious about their career and how they perceived would even want a hairstyle like that but what if they did? Would there skill set be enough to overcome that?

Now lets get down to the underlying reason of why someone wouldn’t even consider that. We think by making connections with things we already know to anything new that is being perceived. This makes us feel better I guess, even know have the time your still probably still a fucking moron. What images come to your mind when you think of dreadlocks? Probably a Lil Wayne music video, or your homeboy with has pants at his knees and a gold grill. Probably some dude riding by in a old ass car sitting on 28’ or 30’ inch dub floaters with two JL Audio W6 subs in the trunk bumping Plies or ignorant ass shit (don’t get me wrong I like Plies to).

These are probably some of the thing that you think of when you think of a black dude in general. Especially a nigga from the “hood”. You probably think all black people are from your fucked idea of a black neighborhood. But back to the point, in a job interview your interviewer is going to see your dreads and probably connect to the ghetto. The hood also brings up images of dudes chillen on the block a Dutch behind his ear, maybe flippin O’s of hard, drive by shootings, class skipping stupid ass supper nigga athlete, over zealous Baptist women saying praise god or bless his heart after everything, broke down project buildings. I don’t know what you think of when you think of hood and really it doesn’t matter. What is important to note is that your hairstyle has just launched a barrage of images, prejudices and stereotypes? Now it is 2009 so your interviewer most likely doesn’t think that they are racist or prejudice. But this will remain in the back of his mind when he asking you about your leadership experience.

Check this out though; I think it is a good thing. I’m not saying that I am going to grow my hair that long or anything but I don’t mind making someone uncomfortable when I first meet them. I actually kind of like it. I see it as a challenge. Imagine being able to completely turn some ignorant fuck world upside down by deep conversion. Start with small talk. Use some street terms so they know you are “authentically black”. Then flip the script and ask them what they think about Ron Paul’s idea to eliminate the FED. Or how Christianity has many traditionally pagans elements, Zoroastrianism idea of heaven and hell and there evidence that Hebrew has its roots in an ancient African language has descendants were the Ashanti people. Ha I’m probably the only one reading this that can talk about that shit but you get the point. Shit anything that well scare the shit out of them. I guess you can’t do this all the time maybe after smoking a White Owl or knocking back a couple cups of gin and tonic. Whatever you will probably appear bald after that.

Think Twice

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